BOX 1851 CENSUS Wiltshire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1836


Places: -  Quarry Hill, Bath Road, Hazelbury, Wadsworth, New Horse & Jockey, Box Village, Box Hill, The Lamb Inn To Shewrings Cottages, Henley, Kingsdown, Lunatic Asylum, Wormcliffe, Bathford Lane, Middle Hill, Ditteridge, Ashley, A’Combe.


Population: - Males 1054 - Females 1052 - Total 2107



COX                    John 24 Quarryman Quarryman Box Wiltshire

                             Elizabeth 32 Laundress Weales

                             William Brother 17 Quarryman Box Wiltshire

TOSTON             Martha Visitor 13 Quarryman Bromham Wiltshire


PHELPS              George 31 Agricultural Labourer Warminster Wilts

                            Caroline 23 At Home Box Wiltshire

                            James 6 Box Wiltshire

                            Joseph 5 Box Wiltshire

                            Thomas 3 Box Wiltshire

                            Alfred 6m Box Wiltshire

COX                   Elizabeth Lodger Widow 48 Lodger Somerset Ditcheat

                           Sarah Lodger 15 Lodger Box Wiltshire

                           Elizabeth 10 Scholar Box Wiltshire

                           Jane 7 Box Wiltshire

MOULL             Martha Married 26 Visitor Box Wiltshire

                           Henry Visitor 2m Visitor Bath