BRADFORD 1851 CENSUS Wiltshire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1841


Places: -  Part of the Chapelry of Romsley - The Village, Stoke Bridge, Dundas, Conkwell, Hartley, Ashley, Coxstile and Cumberland, Winsley outside the Ecclesiastical  District, the Borough or Town Tything of Bradford, Palmers Lane, Budbury, Bearfield, Horse Street, Church Street, Bullpitt, Druces Hill, Church Yard, Part of Newtown, Woolley Street, Whitehill, Whiteheads Lane, Silver Street, Old Market Place, Coppice Lane, Masons Lane, Pippett Street, Market Place, , St Margarets Street, Trowbridge Road, Beasor Street, Morgan Hill, Bridge Street (Part of Trowle), Mill Street, Silver Street, Woolley Street, St Margaret Street, Bridge Foot, Old Market Place, Frome Road, Wharf, Barton Farm, Westwood Lane. Holt, Wiltshire Road.


Population: - Males 1905 - Females 2126 - Total 4031



WAY             Richard 45 Attorney Trowbridge Wiltshire

                      Lydia 27 Sister Trowbridge Wiltshire

COX             Richard Servant 48 Steeple Ashton

                      Mary Servant 46 Steeple Ashton