Places: -  Studley & Christchurch, Derry Hill, Tything of Whetham, Stockley, Calstone, Wellington, Sandy Lane, Tything of Stock, Tything of Blackland & Calstone, Tything of Quemerford, East Mead Street, Silver Street, Whitley Tything, Churchyard, Almshouses, West & East side of Green, Horse Brook, White Hart Inn, Back Row, Bush's Ground, High Street, Town Bridge, Market Place, Hog Street, Castle Street, Patford Street and the Wharf, The Pippin, Back Lane, Butcher Row and the Alley, Mill Street, Church Street, Back Street, New Road Alleys and Passages, The Union Workhouse, Curzon Street, Quare Barton, Whitehall Place, The New Inn, Wood Street, Finch's Lane, Lion Lane, Frog Lane, The Marsh, Lickhill Road.


Population: - Males 2611 - Females 2652 - Total 5263



HEALL             William 66 Nurseryman & Farmer Warminster Wiltshire

                         Ann 38 Calne Wiltshire

COCKS            Dinah Widow 26 Calne Wiltshire

HEALE             John Grandson 19 Florist Devizes Wiltshire

CADBY            Mary Granddaughter 10 Scholar Melksham Wiltshire

DUCK               Sarah Servant 27 Cook Calne Wiltshire

LONG               Mary Servant 17 House Maid Studley

HEALE              Maria Daughter Governess Calne Wiltshire



An Inn (Name Not Stated)

BLEADON      William Widower 65 Inn Keeper & Maltster Calne Wiltshire

                        William 22 Calne Wiltshire

                        Louisa 21 Calne Wiltshire

                        Martha 9 Calne Wiltshire

USHER            Susannah Servant 60 Bar Assistant Lidford Somerset

COX                James Servant 18 Tap Waiter Chippenham Wiltshire

LOVELOCK   Jane 34 House Servant Wootten Rivers

HIBBARD       Sarah Servant 31 House Servant Yatesbury