CHIPPENHAM 1851 CENSUS Wiltshire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1836


Places: -  Nethermore Tything, Little Britain, George Inn, Part of the Tything of Studley & Stanley, Part of the Chapelry of Thyterton Lucas, Detached Part of Corsham, Allington, Bath Road, Rowden Hill, Rowden Lane, Deriads Lane, Laycock Lane, The Bridge, Foghamshire, Cottage Place, Barley Close, New Road, Oxford Road, Malmesbury, Road, Old Road Inn & Cottages, Monkton Hill, Greenway Lane, The Folly, Lowden Hill, Crickets Lane & Wood Lane, The Paddocks, The Silk Factory, Timber Street, Blind Lane, Union Court, Brinkworths Buildings, Westmead Lane, Waterford Factory and Gas Works, London Road Toll Bar, Wiltshire, Cricketts lane, London Road, Victoria Buildings, Nelson Place, New Town, Lunsdown Buildings, Sambrook Court, The Close, Wood Lane, Union Workhouse, Ladds Lane, Common Slip Lane, St. Mary Street, Church Yard, Shambles, High Street, Figgins Court, Gritter Lane, Market Place, The Causeway, Albion Place, Market Place, Rose & Crown Inn, Bear Inn, High Street, George Inn, Blind Lane, Westmead Lane, Waterford Court, Timber Street.


Population: - Males  2438 - Females 2561 - Total 4999


Chippenham Union Workhouse

COX             Edwin 17 masons Labourer Chippenham Wiltshire


The Butts


COX              James 45 Hand Loom Weaver Chippenham Wiltshire

                      Ann 42 Chippenham Wiltshire

                      Sarah Ann 13 Messenger Chippenham Wiltshire

                      Alfred Simon 11 Chippenham Wiltshire

                      Amelia 6 Chippenham Wiltshire

                      Matilda 4 Chippenham Wiltshire

                      Frederick 1 Chippenham Wiltshire



New Town

WHEELER    Jaspar 58 Sawyer Calne Wiltshire

                      Jane 50 Calne Wiltshire

                      Henry 24 Sawyer Calne Wiltshire

                      Jane 8 Calne Wiltshire

                      Caroline 16 Servant Calne Wiltshire

                      Mary 8 Scholar Chippenham Wiltshire

                      Eliza 5 Scholar Chippenham Wiltshire

COX             Aaron Lodger 22 Fish Monger Bath Somerset.


COX             Simon 74 Labourer Rowde

                     Ann 73 Chippenham Wiltshire

SUTTON     Elizabeth Daughter Married 47 Cloth Mender Chippenham Wiltshire

COX            Rosetta Granddaughter Unmarried 23 Walcot Bath Somerset.

                    Elizabeth Great Granddaughter 1 Chippenham Wiltshire