DEVIZES ST. MARY Wiltshire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1839


Places: -  The Parish of Saint Mary, Britton, Pary Port Street, Chapel Corner, Sheep Street, Lansdowne Grove,  New Park Street, Short Street, Monday Market Street, Sidmouth Street, New Town, Agnes Place, Northgate Street, New Park Street, Coach Lane, Wharf Street, New Street Courts &Alleys.


Population: - Males 1218 - Females 1335 - Total 2553



COX                     Isaac 44 Brewers Labourer Uffingham

                             Ann 44 Trowbridge Wiltshire

                             Isaac 12 Scholar West Lavington

                             Mary Ann 10 Scholar Wootten Bassett Wiltshire

                             Samuel 4 Scholar Devizes Wiltshire

                             Sarah 8 Scholar Wootten Bassett Wiltshire


COX                     Benjamin 30 Bargeman Portsea

                             Eliza 22 Somerset, Hinton Bluett


COX                     Thomas 25 Baker Sherstone

                              Sarah 32 Avebury


COXEN                Sarah Unmarried 23 Charwoman Devizes St. Mary. Wiltshire

                              Charles 1 Devizes St. Mary Wiltshire


COXHEAD           Arthur 30 Confectioner & Baker Devizes Wiltshire

                              Jane 30 School Mistress Ireland

                              Catherine 5 Scholar Devon

                              Arthur 3 Devizes Wiltshire

                              Lucy 1 Devizes Wiltshire

                              William 8m Devizes Wiltshire

                              Theodosia Sister 40 Book Keeper Devizes Wiltshire

DRIVER                Editha Sister in Law 18 School Assistant Ireland


COX                      George 29 Butcher Pewsey Wiltshire

                              Ann 27 Wilcot

                              Henry 11m Devizes Wiltshire

HARDING            William Apprentice 17 Butcher Laycock

HISCOCK            Mary Servant 15 House Servant Oare


COX                     William 70 Labourer Rowde

                              Emmy 80 Shipton ......?


DAVIES                Sarah Widow 58 Devizes St. Mary. Wiltshire


COX                     Betty Widow 77 Parish Relief Shepton Mallet


COX                     Louisa Widow 41 Washerwoman Potterne

                             Henry Son 19 Agricultural Labourer Rowde

                             Henry 14 Errand Boy Devizes Wiltshire

                             Elizabeth 12 Scholar Poulshot

                             John 10 Scholar Poulshot

                             Ann 8 Scholar Poulshot

                             Jane 6 Scholar Poulshot

STEEL                  Anna Lodger 74 Pauper Keevil


COX                    Charles 26 waiter Hampshire Romsey

                             Elizabeth 37 Domestic Duties Devizes Wiltshire

                             Charles 2 Devizes Wiltshire

                             Sarah Widow 60 Domestic Duties Devizes Wiltshire

                              Elizabeth 16m Devizes Wiltshire