LAYCOCK 1851 CENSUS Wiltshire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1836


Places: -  The Parish of Laycock, Innwood, Folly Lane Bratton, Wick Lane, Shutin Lane, Hancocks Lane, Arnolds Hill, Reybridge, Nooton Lane, The Wharf, Forest Lane, Bewley Common, Bowden Hill, Cock Lane, Bewley Green, Noah Hill, Bridge over the Avon at Reybridge, Nethercut, High Street, West Street, Contax Hill, Chapel Hill, Tan Yard, Church Street, Union Workhouse, East Street.


Population: - Males 828 - Females 825 - Total 1653


Laycock Union Workhouse

COX             Rebecca 19 Trowbridge Wiltshire



Wick Lane

COX             Isaac 32 Agricultural Labourer Laycock Wiltshire

                     Mary 34 Melksham Wiltshire

                     William 9 Corsham Wiltshire

                     John 6 Laycock Wiltshire

                     Elizabeth 3 Laycock Wiltshire

                     Elizabeth Mother Widow 66 Pauper Laycock Wiltshire


Shuton Lane

COX            Thomas 27 Agricultural Labourer Laycock Wiltshire

                    Ann 31 Nettleton Wiltshire

                    Henry Son 4 Laycock Wiltshire

                    Sarah 2 Laycock Wiltshire

HALL          John Step-Son 11 West Kington Wiltshire

GAY            Mary Servant 11 Nurse Maid West Kington Wiltshire