LONG NEWNTON 1851 CENSUS Wiltshire Copyright HO 107/1967


Places: - The Whole of the Parish of Long Newnton, Great Larkhill, Little Larkhill, Folly Farm, Slades.


The following gazetteer information was also noted by the transcriber from this census:


Is distant 4 miles from Malmesbury, 1 from Tetbury and 7 from the Tetbury Road Station, G. W. Railway and 10 miles from Cirencester. Contains about 2,000 acres.



On the junction of the Oxford clay and the Stonebrash or oolitic formation. Soil much varied, some being a very thin soil on the Stonebrash (a mixture of stones, gravel and sand) some very stiff clay which requires draining (This is being done to a great extent) The rent varies from 10 shillings an acre as at Larkhill on the Stonebrash to 3 pounds which is paid for some of the meadow land.



The Villages stand high in the Cotswold Hills, The houses are a good deal scattered and most of them are built on the Stonebrash, which is naturally dry.


Condition of the People,

Better than on the whole that six or seven years ago, The Cottage - Allotment System was established in this parish, the first in the Kingdom, and has been kept up since then with great advantage to the tenants and Landlord.


Rate of Wages

Generally 8 shillings a week same as in 1844-45


Population: - Males 139 - Females 155 - Total 294



CURTIS             Martha Widow 77 Laundress Tetbury

COX                  William Son from prior marriage 47 Market Gardener Tetbury