MERE 1851 CENSUS Wiltshire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1850


Places: - The Parish of Mere, Zeals Tything, White Cross, Chaddenwicke, Knowle, Mere Park, Barrow Street, The Woodlands, Holwell, Southbrook, Rook Street, Swansford, Lower Water Street, Clay Nap, The Factory, Church Street, The Town, Well Head, Back Lane, Deverill Longwood.


Population: - Males 1422 - Females 1567 - Total 2989



Castle Street


COX                     Elizabeth 59 Silton



Salisbury Street

STIER/STEER     Frederick 25 Watch & Clockmaker Wirtenberg Bulstein

                            Charlotte 31 Dressmaker Mere Wiltshire

                            Frederick 6m Mere Wiltshire

COX                   Amelia 13 House Servant Wanstrow



FARTHING         Robert 84 Pauper Carpenter Zeals Wiltshire

                            Elizabeth 82 Pauper Mere Wiltshire

COX                   James Son in Law 41 Married Agricultural Labourer Pauper Bourton

                            Dinah 38 Weaver - Tick Zeals Wiltshire

                            Henry 10 Scholar Zeals Wiltshire

                            Daniel 7 Scholar Zeals Wiltshire

                            Frederick 5 Scholar Zeals Wiltshire



ALFORD            Jane 73 Pauper Mere Wiltshire

COX                   Betsy Lodger 12 Scholar Mere Wiltshire



COX                   John 26 Labourer Iron Foundry Westbury Wiltshire

                           Jane 27 Flax Baller Knoyle

                           Frederick 1 Zeals Wiltshire