RAMSBURY 1851 CENSUS Wiltshire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1686


Places: - The Parish of Ramsbury, Hamlet of Whittenditch, Crowood, Preston, Marriage Hill, Eastridge, Newtown, Littlecot Park, Lamplands, Brookside, Elmore, Down, Oxford Street, Tankard Lane, Blind Lane, Andrews Lane, Bell Inn, Hazells Lane, High Street, Mill Lane, White House Lane to Castle gates, Axford Hamlet, Bowstridge.


Population: - Males 1377 - Females 1319 - Total 2696



GREENLAND                 William 38 Blacksmith Devizes Wiltshire

                                        Elizabeth 58 Easton

                                        Sarah 19 Devizes Wiltshire

COX                                Thomas Apprentice 18 Smith Mildenhall

STREAT                         William Apprentice 14 Smith Great Bedwin Wiltshire


DAY                                Thomas 52 Inn Keeper Bishops Cannings

                                        Mary Ann Wife 45 Bishopstone

WOOD                            Martha Servant 32 House Servant Bishop Cannings

                                        George 13 Errand Boy Bath Somerset.

MARTIN                         Christopher Lodger Married 39 Butcher Great Bedwin Wiltshire

COX                                Henry Lodger 25 Bricklayer Ramsbury Wiltshire


COX                                John 30 Bricklayers Labourer Ramsbury Wiltshire

                                        Lucy Wife 22 Ramsbury Wiltshire


COX                                George Lodger 53 Carpenter


COX                                John Snr. 59 Bricklayer Ramsbury Wiltshire

                                        Lavinia Wife 32 Chilton

                                        Charles 6 Scholar Ramsbury Wiltshire

                                        Sarah Ann 4 Ramsbury Wiltshire


COX                                William 37 Agricultural Labourer Froxfield

                                        Mary 53 Aldbourne Wiltshire

EVANS                           James Lodger 21 Agricultural Labourer Ramsbury Wiltshire