WARMINSTER 1851 CENSUS Wiltshire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1843


Places: - The Parish of Warminster, Round Street, Pound Rown Tops, Prince Croft Lane, Bugley, Folly. Broadways, Haygrove, Warminster Workhouse, West Street, Frome Road, Pickfords Lane, Bugley Turnpike, Silver Street, Castle Inn, Sambourne Road, Back Street, Church Street, Coldharbour, Ash Walk, Gas Works, Brickhill,

Portway, Common Close, Shipyard, Elen Hill, George Street, White Hart, Bareham Road, Woodcock, Imber Road, Oxen Dean, Furlong Easy Street, Market Place, Horseshoes Yard, North Row, Bercham Road, East Street, Market Place, Weymouth Street, Townhall, Organ Hill, North Row to Portway, Bishopstrow, Smallbrook, Mr. Wheelers Nursery, Hillwood Lane, Mount Lane, Marsh Street, Marsh Alley, Henfords Marsh, Oldfields, Sambourne, Boot Hill, Deverill Road, East Side, Fore Street, Chapel Street, Bread Street, Deverill Road, Broadway Road, South Street, Entrance of Cannimore Road, South Alley, King Lane, Brook Street, Workhouse, King Street, Opes House, Gamekeeper, Grooms, Park-keepers, Pheasantry, Windmill, Roddenbury, Cannimore Road, Rehobath.


Population: - Males  2970 - Females 3235 - Total 6205



COUSIN                     Caroline 31 Drapers Wife Surrey Lambeth

COCKS                      George 31 Assistant Devon West Morchard

SNELGROVE             George Assistant Frome Somerset.

BURT                          Jane Servant 20 Fonthill Gifford



COX                             John 63 Home Agent Warminster Wiltshire

                                     Sarah 58 Warminster Wiltshire


East Street


COX                             Richard 30 Carter To Corn Carrier Heytesbury Wiltshire

                                     Mary 29 Wife Heytesbury Wiltshire

                                     Mary Ann 3 Hewy?

                                     Sarah 1 Wingfield


COX                           William 84 Lessee of Tolls Atworth

CAVILL?                   Mary Servant House Servant 13 Atworth