EASTHAM 1851 CENSUS Worcestershire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/2040



The whole of the Parish of Eastham, The Church House, Rectory, Boathouse, The Park, Knackers Hole, Highwood Common, Childsgrove Hill 


Population: Males 156 - Females 152 - Total 308




PRICE                     David Widower 86 Farmer of 169 Acres Radnor Dessert

                                Thomas 41 Wolferlow

                                Amelia Daughter in Law 35 his wife Radnor Dessert

                                Thomas Grandson 6 Eastham Worcestershire

                                Diana Grand Daughter 4 Eastham Worcestershire

JONES                    Margaret V Widow 91 Annuitant Radnor Dissert

                                Margaret Visitor 25 Chepstow

WILLIAMS             Loise Visitor 24 New Radnor

PRICE                     Ann Servant 21 House Servant & Dairy Maid Wolferlow

COX                       Charlotte Servant 15 House Maid Knighton on Teme

GREGG                  James Servant 24 House Servant Waggoner Eastham, Worcestershire

GIBBS                    Edmund Servant 17 House Servant Salop Burraston

OLIVER                 Samuel 17 House Servant Waggoner’s Boy Worcestershire Witley



DAVIS                   William 36 Agricultural Labourer Not Stated Place of Birth

                                Judith 36 Wife Rochford

                                Elizabeth 5 Eastham Worcestershire

                                William 2 Eastham Worcestershire

                                Baby Girl Born today Eastham Worcestershire

COX                       Sarah Visitor Married Waggoner Wife Not Stated Place of Birth

BRIDGWATER      Mary Visitor 44 Midwife Not Stated Place of Birth