LINDRIDGE & DISTRICT 1851 Worcestershire File: HO107-2040 Copyright (Master Index)  



Parishes of Burford, Greet, Brimfield, Little Hereford, Tenbury, Bockleton, Great Kyre, Stoke Bliss, Eastham, Hanley Child, Hanley William, Rochford, Lindridge, Knighton on Teme.



COX Edward Servant 17 Agricultural Labourer Not Stated - Place of Birth  Burford Shropshire

COX Rebecca Servant 35 Maid & Housekeeper Guernsey Little Hereford

COX Mary Lodger Widower 73 Pauper Richard Castle Tenbury

COX Ellen Visitor 14 Stanton Lacey  Little Hereford

COX William 44 Agricultural Labourer Eastham  Knighton-on-Teme

COX Sarah Visitor Married Waggoner Wife Not Stated - Place of Birth Eastham

COX Charlotte Servant 15 House Maid Knighton on Teme Eastham

COXCELL Francis 36 Labourer Appledore Tenbury

COXELL  COWELL  C0–ELL Elizabeth 66 Widower Former Nurse Burford  Little Hereford