LOWER MITTON 1851 CENSUS Worcestershire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/2039



Far Forest, Callow Hill. The Ford, Sinells, Cookes Green & Lembrook, Hawthorn Bush Gate North & South Sides off the Turnpike Road, Dog Lane, Palmers Building, Gibraltar, Venus Bank, Bark Hill Racks, Balaams Ass, Tanner Hill, Cockshutt Towns Mill, Knowles Mill, Whatmores Farm, Bloddy Hole, Coppice Gate, Sandy Bank, Wyre Hill, Barretts Style, Hawthorn Bush, Wyer Hill, Lax Lane, Severn Side, Coal Quay & Dog Lane, Load Street, Welch gate, High Street, Lower Park, Winterdyne, Grubber Lane, High Park, Picknell & Park Lane in the Parish of Ribbesford.  


Population: Males 1609 - Females 1714 - Total 3332



FARRINGTON         Amos 35 Grocer Bristol

                                  Helen 34 Music Teacher Downe Scotland

                                  Lucy 2 At Home Bewdley Worcestershire

                                  Helen 11m At Home Bewdley Worcestershire

COX                         Amelia Niece 9 Scholar Bewdley Worcestershire

FARRINGTON        Amos Nephew 13 Grocer Bristol

MANTLE                 John Shopman 23 Grocer Bewdley Worcestershire

                                 John Shopman 23 Grocer Bewdley Worcestershire

MASEFIELD           William Apprentice 17 Grocer Lye Worcestershire

HORTON                 Mary Servant 19 Servant Kinlet

BARRETT                 Sarah Servant 16 Servant Bewdley Worcestershire


COX                         Henry 52 Gardener Kidderminster Worcestershire

                                 Maria 51 Wife Bromsgrove

BAINS                      Sarah Lodger Widow 75 Gardener Widow Arley

COX                         John Son 14 At Home Bewdley Worcestershire

                                  Fanny 11 At Home Bewdley Worcestershire

                                  Mary 8 Scholar Bewdley Worcestershire

                                  Sarah 5 At Home Bewdley Worcestershire


COX                         John 70 House Proprietor Bewdley Worcestershire

                                 Mary 38 At Home Bewdley Worcestershire

                                 Joanna Grand Daughter 14 Scholar Bewdley Worcestershire