WOLLASTON 1851 Census Worcestershire Copyright HO 107/2035


Places: Ecclesiastical District of Ambelcote


Population: Not able to be assessed.



District 3a

Waterloo Ave, Bridgnorth Road


COX                     Henry 37 Gardiner Staffordshire

                             Mary 35 Staffordshire

                              James 14 Gardiner Wollaston Worcestershire

                              William 9 Scholar Wollaston


District 3b

The Village

BURTON                Fre......? Widower 42 Chair Maker Warwickshire Aston

                                Henry son 10 Scholar Worcestershire

COX                        Amelia 22 House Servant Staffordshire ..? ardley


Gatehanger Well Farm

COX                       William 40 Farm Labourer Staffordshire Kingsurnford

                                Susan 30 Worcestershire Wolverley

                                Henry 11 Farm Labourer Worcestershire Wolverley

                                James 8 Staffordshire Kingsurnford

                                Ann 5 Worcestershire Wollaston                               

                                William 3 Worcestershire Wollaston