Pedigrees for Downloading

This page contains links to gedcom files of pedigrees that I have made up from information gleaned from the many sources I have researched. Included are some that other researchers have allowed me to make available and where appropriate, their email address is given. All pedigrees have been given a cut-off date of 1900 as it is considered to be not ethical to make reference to persons living, whether they agree or not. Should you require further information on these pedigrees I will try to answer your enquiry to the best of my knowledge.

In order to read gedcom files, you will need a family history program, and most of those available today have the facility to convert this file format. The files do not include personal information or images, and most will only take a short time to download, depending on your internet connection - dial-up or broadband.

No guarantee is given as to complete accuracy of relationships which in many cases, have been assessed as being the most likely based on the information available. If you would like to contribute to this aspect of any file it would be very welcome.

Each file will be accompanied by a short statistical report, drawn up by my own program.


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A Cox family of Watchet Somerset

From c.1727 to c.1833

Individuals = 90 - - - Generations = 7 - - - No. of Records = 1848 - - - Different Surnames = 22