The Battle of Guilford Courthouse      

Not really anything to do directly with my research but after a visit in October 2003 to this North Carolina place, in search of information for any possible roster of military personnel, I was so much impressed that I thought a mention would not go amiss.

Briefly, the battle took place on 15th March 1781 between the British Army under Charles, Earl Cornwallis and the American army under their Commanding General Nathanael Green, a Rhode Island Quaker and assisted by a 'Continental Contingent'.

Guilford Courthouse is situated more or less at the centre of the NC state and is now part of their National Military Park. The battle was won by a much depleted British army who were themselves later beaten by the Americans at York Town, a quite decisive outcome marking an historic moment in American history during the reign of George III.

The both armies suffered a great number of casualties, many from England with families left behind them. Yet another reason why many Family History researchers are unable to trace there forebears beyond the 18th century.

There is one main building which offers two free cinematic presentations of the battle, one in diagrammatic form and the other by video film. There is a one-way road traversing the whole area of the battle ground with several stopping places for closer inspection and car parking is not usually a problem.

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