Officers, NCOs and Men of the 13th Light Infantry Regiment (Somerset Light Infantry)

Enlisted at the time of the Battle of Sebastopol, by the name of COX who were entitled to receive a medal for services in the Crimea.


At the Battle of Sebastopol (1855) there was only one person in this by the name of COX

Brevet Major (Captain) J.W. Cox

3rd in rank to the Commanding Officer, Lieut. Colonel Kerr, Lord Mark of Holcomb, A.E.F.

The forerunners of this Regiment were commanded by Theophilus, Earl of Huntingdon who was appointed Colonel of one of the Regiments

Ordered to be raised in support of the crown after King James II was denounced by James, Duke of Monmouth

The Regiment then becoming known as the Thirteenth Light Infantry, by commission dated the 20th June 1685.