Earthquakes in Somerset


Earthquakes in Somerset, did I hear you say? - some will know of these occasions but I suspect many more will not. During the first few years of the 20th century; a gentleman W.G. Willis Watson F.R.Hist.S decided to compile a Chronology of Somerset, he had already produced three books on Somerset life and was collecting Somerset events from wherever he found them which were printed in the "Notes and Queries" column of the Somerset County Herald. At the instigation of Somerset Folk Publications he was persuaded to continue this area of research, the results of which were published in two books by that publisher in 1925 entitled "A Chronological History of Somerset".

The periods covered are from BC 1200 to BC 200 and AD 43 to AD 1925. Part 1 displays a copy of John Speed's map of Somerset of 1610 (as reproduced by Bassett in 1666) and Part 2 displays a copy of Richard Blome's map of Somerset of 1673, reproduced c.1698.

The writer recorded earthquakes for the following years AD:

534 - 543 - 974 - 1081 - 1122 - 1185 - 1199 - 1200 [At Montacute] - 1276 [Great Earthquake at Bridgwater] - 1284 - 1318 [Great Earthquake]

1692 - 1726 - 1745 - 1750 - 1752 - 1884.

Comment: If the law of averages can be applied here then the next earthquake will be in the year 2023 or will it??!!