Wardships in Somerset for the name Cox 


The following are extracted from "Sale of Wards" by MJ Hawkins M.A. published by the Somerset Record Society 1965.

No. 26. Hayward, Wds. 5/36

Richard H. died 3 April 1620.

Included in his will: -

Said Richard died seised in fee of all. Earlier Henry, Earl of Huntingdon, and Lady Katherine, his wife, were seised in fee and, 11 September 1578, leased the 15 acres to Robert Somer, his executors and assigns, for 99 years, if said Robert, son of John Somer, John Coxe, son of Richard C., or Henry Shephard, son of Thomas S., should so long live at 2/10/- p.a. rent.

No. 40. Lacy. Wds. 5/11/1968. Wds. 5/36. C.142/472/100

Thomas L., gent died 19 June 1626.

Owned lands in Somerset, Gloucestershire and Dorset.

In the Manor of Sturminster Marshall Dorset, one John Cox and others, were tenants of parcel 7 of unknown nomenclature

No. 90. Bibble. C.142/360/66

Isabel B. died 28 April 1616.

Left certain amounts of land in South Brent in various tenures and was sold 18 July 1617 to John Cox and Thomas Latch for 35.

Note: IPM only survives; information about the sale from Wds.9/205

No. 103. Cox. Wds. 5/37.

Mary C., widow, died 5 January 1640-1. Francis, son, aged 16 years, 5 months and 8 days at mother's death. Wells, 8 April 1641.

1. 1 messuage called Harkers and 24 acres of land, meadow, pasture, heath and bruery with apps. in Rodway in the parish of Cannington, whereof 12 acres are  held jur. ignor. and residue of Hugh Rogers, esq., of his Manor of Rodway by fealty and 4 1/2d. p.a.. rent, worth by office 6/-

2. 1 messuage called Longs and 9 acres of land, meadow, heath and bruery with apps. in Cannington and Rodway, held of the K.I.C.K.S., worth by office 5/-

3. 1 messuage called Idestock and 17 acres of land, meadow, heath and bruery with apps. in Cannington and Rodway, held jur. ignor., worth by office 10/-

4. 1 messuage and 17 acres of land, meadow, heath and bruery in Spaxton, held jur. ignor., worth by office 9/-

5. 1 messuage and 12 acres of meadow and pasture in Fiddington, held jur. ignor., worth by office 10/-

6. 1 messuage and 15 acres of land, meadow and pasture called Catsyard in Stogursey, Stockland and Cannington, held of the K.I.C.K.S., worth by office 6/-

Ward's mother, being seised in fee, for better maintenance of Joseph and Samuel C., her younger sons, demised, 26 October 1637, parcel 3 to said Joseph for 99 years after her death, if he should live so long, and after his death, to said Samuel for the like term if he should live so long, for 13/4d. p.a. rent. She later, 31 January 1639-40, demised parcel to William Prowse, his executors and assigns, for 7 years for 10/- p.a. rent, in trust to dispose the profits for the better education and maintenance of said younger sons till they should be 21 years old.

Total, by office 2/6/- (the the K. 15.4d.)

31 May 1641 sold to William Prowse for 100, to be paid $50 in hand and 50 on November 1641

No. 104. Cox. Wds. 5/37

Walter C., gent., died 11 January 1599-1600. John, son, aged 16 years and more at office, Yeovil, 30 September 1600, and, by mel. inq., 27 January 1602-3

The Manor of Chelwood with apps., 1 copyhold messuage and 60 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, 40 acres of pasture and 20 acres of wood with apps., in Chelwood, and 6 messuages, 6 tenements, 50 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow and 40 acres of pasture with apps., in Chelwood and Stanton Drew by rent of 1 pound of pepper and 1 pound of comyle (? cumin) p.a., but by mel. inq. of the Q.I.C.K.S., worth by office 2/13/4.

All the lands assured for jointure of Cecily C., late wife of said Walter, for her life, remainder to heirs males of said Walter, with divers other remainders.

Total, by office 2/13/4. (to the K. 17/9d.)

9 August 1603, sold to John Hoskins, gent, (George Watkins crossed out) for 10, to be paid 2/10/- in hand on 25 December 1603 and 5 on 2 February 1603-4.

(A note, dated 20 June 1604, signed by R. Percival, states 'I have changed the name by my Lord's special commandment, by which the proceedings hath also been stayed till now')

No. 141. Newton. Wds. 5/37

Sir Theodore N., Kt., died 29 June 1630.

He owned lands in Somerset and Gloucestershire.

Amongst those in Somerset were several tenements in tenures of Samuel Cox and others in the Manor of East Harptree.

No. 145. Portman. Wds. 5/36

Sir John P., Kt., and Bart., died 4 December 1612.

Owned land in various counties, in Hampshire he devised tenements to his servants amongst who was Jerome Cox, for a period of 60 years, if they should live so long, after present estates at old rents and services.

No. 151. Saunders. Wds. 5/36

Roger S., Clerk, died 27 February 1622-3.

Part of the estate was sold to grandfather Roger Trendor, Giles Cox and Jane his mother - 18 February 1623-4

No. 182. Hele. Wds. 5/36

Nicholas H., Esq., died 27 December 1640.

Thomas Cox was tenant of property & land in the Manor of Easton St George

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