English Place-Names including the name Cox or Cock 



Badcox & Badcox Lane

The name given to a New Close in West Field near Whitewell in the Frome area of Somerset

Mentioned in the rate list of 1675

Cock (The)

A stream in the West Riding of Yorkshire


Cock (Cox's) Lane

In Bath later re-named Union Passage

Cock Hill

High Land to the north of Leckwith Village near Cardiff.

Cock's Tower

The "Cokes Towre" or "Cox's Tower" is a watch-tower which stood on the east wall of Cardiff, at the Hayes in 1781.

Some remains of it may still be traced. It is perhaps to be indentified with Coquemarel, the ancient prison of the borough.

It stood at the bend of the moat, now the Canal, until about 1860; but was pulled down, all save a low portion of the south-east corner, the approach

whereto was up an alley called Evans Court



An area in Mildenhall parish, Wiltshire

in 1550.

Cock Road

A road in Horningsham, Wiltshire


Cock Row

The name of a road near the church at Axbridge, Somerset also in Laverton, Somerset

Cock Place

A street name in Castle Cary, Somerset

Cock Street

A street in Bishops Canning Wiltshire

Cock Roost Farm

A farm at Broad Hinton, Wiltshire



Also known as Hatley-Port a parish in Biggleswade district Bedfordshire, adjacent to the boundary with Cambridge


More commonly known as Bevington a Chapelry in Liverpool parish, in the northern part of Liverpool borough


Cockbury or Cockbury Butt

A hamlet in Winchcombe parish Gloucestershire


Cockbury Farm

A property in Southam, Gloucestershire



A township in Houghton-le Spring parish Derbyshire There is also an estate named Cocken Hall described as “A romantically situated residence, almost surrounded by the river Wear”


Cocken Hatch

An estate on the NE border of Hertfordshire, 4 miles from Royston



The main river in Cumberland on which Cockermouth stands; there is also another stream in Lancashire to the southern limb of Lancaster Bay



A township and parish in the district and county of Lancaster


Cockerington (North)

A parish in Louth district, Lincolnshire


Cockersand Abbey

An extra-parochial tract in the district and county of Lancaster at the mouth of the river Cocker



A township in Darlington parish, Derbyshire



A town & sub-district on the west coast of Cumberland County, standing at the confluence of the Cocker & Derwent rivers. Its 11th century castle became at one time the prison for Mary Queen of Scots in 1568


Cocket (The)

Also spelt ‘Coquet’ - a river in Northumberland



A village in the higher division of Swansea parish



Also know as ‘Ainsworth’ a Chapelry in Middleton parish, Lancashire



A township and a parish in Teesdale district Durham



A parish in Cosford district, Suffolk


Cockhill or Coxhill

One of three Hamlets in Castle-Cary parish Somerset, containing four houses and one single house named "Thorne" in the 18th century



1. A hamlet in Monkton-Moor Township and parish in the west riding of Yorkshire

2. A hamlet in the parish of East Pennard Somerset



A parish in Midhurst district Sussex



A place in the parish of Pilton Somerset also in Pylle Somerset



A parish in Newton Abbott district Devon



A Hamlet in the Wedmore parish Somerset, containing 14 farm houses and 6 cottages in the 18th century



A township in St John-Lee parish, Northumberland



The north passage to Yarmouth roads in Norfolk



A township in Hebburn parochial Chapelry, Northumberland



More commonly known as ‘Barber and Cockle Shoals’, which are two shoals of Caistor, North of Yarmouth harbour, Norfolk



A rapid affluent of the Duddon River in Cumberland



A parish in Swaffham district Norfolk on an affluent of the river Wissey


Cockmoile Prison

Existed in Bridgwater, Somerset in 1611 - near the church and St Mary's Street



A Hamlet within the parish of Coln St Aldwins Gloucestershire



An eminence near Keswick, Cumberland commanding a general view of Derwent Water



A small village in the Alkington area of Gloucestershire



A township and a Chapelry in Ellesmere parish Salop



A small area with Horsey near Chedzoy Somerset


Cocksleigh Farm

A farm situated in the town of Shirwell Devon


Cockley Cley

A place in Norfolk



A trap hill 4 miles east of Tavistock, Devon



A parish in Walsingham district, Norfolk



A quondam Chapelry in Ducklington parish, Oxfordshire



A hamlet in Dawlish parish, Devon


Cox Barton

A place in West Street Bedminster Bristol in 1851



A place in Derbyshire



A village about 3-4miles SE of Glastonbury, Somerset, England


Cox Bridge

A bridge at Ashwell, Ilminster, Somerset



"Coed-y-coxy" - A wood on the hill near Cefncoed Farm, in the manor of Roath, Wales (1840)



A railway station in Durham


Cox's Green

A place in Wrington, Somerset



A hamlet in Clee-St Margret, Salop



A place 3 miles south of Maidstone, Kent


Cox Hill Farmhouse

North Newton, Somerset



A township & Chapelry in Kelloe parish, Durham



An area in West Pennard Somerset



A place in Wiltshire


Coxhorne Estate

An estate in the Charlton Kings parish of Wiltshire



A tything & a Chapelry in St Cuthbert's parish, Wells, Somerset



A township in Gosforth parish, Northumberland


Coxwall Knoll

A Herefordshire prominence where a supposed battle took place in Roman times.


Coxwell (Great)

A parish in Farringdon district Berkshire


Coxwell Knoll

[To Come]


Coxwell (Little)

A township in Great Farringdon parish, Berkshire



An area or street in Wooton Bassett Wiltshire


Coxley Pound

Situated near Hay Farm, Glastonbury, Somerset



A place in Bradford parish, Wiltshire


Coxes Lane

A street in Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire


Cox's Bridge

A bridge on the Lymington to Milford Road, Hampshire


Cox's Tenement

An area at Batcombe, Somerset as mentioned in a deed of 1827


Coxwolds Brook

An area in Stroud Gloucestershire



well (Little & Great)

Two parishes within Farringdon Union Berkshire


Cox's Corner

A place in Batcombe, Somerset


Cox's Farm

Two farms found so far with this name, one at Steart the other at Trull, both in Somerset


Cox Gate

An area in Randwick, Gloucestershire


Cox's Green

A place in Wrington parish, Somerset


Cox's Knapp

An area contained in Yawl in Axminster District


Coxe's Lodge

An area in the parish of Kilmington, Somerset.


Cox's Mill (1)

A mill in Cranham Parish Gloucestershire


Cox’s Mills (2)

Mills in the Tything of Spoonbed in the Parish of Painswick Gloucestershire


Cox's Tenement

Comprising land near Langaller, Heathfield, Somerset



More commonly known as Buckton and Coxall, a township in Bucknel parish, Herefordshire on the river Teme



A place in Derbyshire on the Derby and Ripley railway


Cox Buildings

Property in the St Philip-Jacob Out Parish of Bristol



A railway station in Durham on the Sunderland and Bishop-Auckland railway



A hamlet in Clee-St Margaret parish Salop


Cox Heath

A place 3 miles south of Maidstone Kent, a temporary camp of 15,000 soldiers was here in 1778



An area in Berkshire County


Coxhill Lane

A Lane in Potterne Wiltshire



A township and a Chapelry in Kelloe parish Durham


Coxland Farm

Property at Cheriton Bishop Devon



A Tything and a Chapelry in St Cuthbert’s parish, Wells



A township in Gosgorth parish, Northumberland



A tenement in Ashbrittle, Somerset



A place name in Crediton Devon in Bow area


Coxpit or Coxspit Farm

A holding in the Parish of Chedzoy, Bridgwater district of Somerset


Coxwell (Great)

A parish in Faringdon district, Berkshire


Coxwell (Little)

A township-Chapelry in Great Faringdon parish, Berkshire



More commonly known as Brampton-Bryan a village and a township in the district of Knighton, Herefordshire



Land in the Glastonbury area of Somerset



A township, parish and a sub-district in the North Riding of Yorkshire


Coxwolds Brook

An area in Stroud Parish Gloucestershire


The Cock

A stream in the West Riding of Yorkshire. It rises above Aberford and runs 10 miles north-eastward to the Wharf below Tadcaster. It was deeply ensanguined by the battle of Towton in 1461


The Manor of Cock

During the reign of Henry VIII this property is mentioned in depositions relating to land at Stogursey Somerset. The earliest document is dated c.1548. Earlier Bishop Clifford (1400-1401) - found a large tumulus surrounded by a trench, whose appearance & Position he says, "Recalls the Tombs of the Vikings" and about one mile from this place is "Uppercock Farm". KOK  is Danish for "A Heap", surviving in common speech as "Haycock". Uppercock may as the Bishop says, be a corruption of "Hubba Cock" a Viking Invader.


Three Cocks Lane

A street in Gloucester


Great Coxwell

A place in Berkshire


Woodcock's Farm

A property in Netherhampton district, Wiltshire





Cokehill    -    A hamlet in Inkberrow parish, Worcestershire 

Coker (East & West) - Two parishes in Yeovil district, Somerset

Prince & Cox's Buildings, St Philip & Jacob Parish South, Bristol, Somerset (1891 Census) 




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