A Story from the Parish Registers of Malpas in Cheshire........


The Great or Bubonic Plague first became recognised in London in April 1665 having been rampant during that century in other parts of the country and the world, commonly known as the Black Death. It was in 1625 that one Thomas Dawson come from London on about the 25th July and being so sick, died of the plague in his father's house which became infected.

His brother Richard of Bradley also being sick of the plague, perceived that he must die at that time and arose from his bed, made his grave and caused his nephew John Dawson to cast straw in to his burying place which was not far from the house. He then laid down in the grave and caused clothes to be laid upon him and so departed out of this world about the 28th August 1625.

This he did because he was a stronger and heavier man than his nephew who together with a wench were able to complete the burial.

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