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This is my on-going collection of stories - most are Cox related but some are added for interest.

Tom Cox - A West Country Highwayman -

Julian Cox - A supposed Witch -

Arthur & Jane Cox - A short account of their life in 18th century Somerset -


A Society Cox - An enforced marriage -

A Brave Man - A short story of how the Great Plague in 1625 affected a family -  

Bety Kok's Letter - A cooking solution -

The Origin of Gypsies - A possible explanation from the 19th century!

The Cock Lane Ghost - An 18th century scam!  -

A Cockney - A collection of possible definitions -

The Lymington Ghost - A Tragedy or was it? -

James Cox - Pilot for the Bristol Channel Shipping -

Smuggler's Horses - A tale from the Exmoor lands -

Oak Customs - Oak branches against your door? -

Orchard Singers - Singing to the Apple Trees? -

Murder of Nathaniel Cox - An East Coker Policeman and Poachers - 

An 18th Century Lump - A Thomas Cox's Operation at Taunton -

What? - An entry in the Registers of All Hallows, London Wall; 1586-1604


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